Sunday, July 11, 2010

Creating your own projects

Yesterday I had the great fortune of taking a TV Hosting class taught by Jamie Carroll.  I was expecting to do the norm: get in front of the camera, get coached, get feedback, and sit and watch the rest of my classmates do the same.

But it was so refreshingly different and inspiring.  We started the class by getting in a circle and going around discussing what our ideas were about our own kinds of shows.  Jamie was so good about opening up the discussion.  She asked us about ourselves; what our interests were.  Each of us eight students had an idea and something to share.  But the cool part was that while everyone of us had our idea, at least a few other people, Jamie included, had more ideas for us to go on.  It was like an instant support/advisory group.

We did this for an hour then got around to doing our on-camera work, which was way easier and so much more fun since we now had an idea of who we were and why we were there in the first place.

But the most rewarding part of the class was realizing that each of us had a great idea and entrepreneurial spirit to guide it.  Jamie made sure we left the class with things or work on and goals to set and accomplish.  We learned that most hosts out there had come up the idea for their shows themselves.  And that's what we as actors have to do.  Whether it's hosting, writing a musical, getting a TV show going, or making a short film, it's really up to us to create our opportunities.

I highly recommend the class not just for people who want to be hosts, but for any actor who desires to create something.

Check it out at One On One Productions!

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