Sunday, July 11, 2010

Compare And SAVE!!!!

Ok, "duh," right?  But for reals... if you buy the cheap brand of food, it's gonna taste identical... at least most of the time.  Well, often enough to make it worthwhile in my honest opinion.  I just got home from Food Emporium where I picked up some parmesan cheese.  And I was kicking myself the whole time because I knew I was going to pay more for it there than at Fairway, where I was just shopping yesterday.  However, I was totally happy about the fact that there was the "cheap" brand in addition to the "good" brand.  And come on, it's parmesan cheese.  Once it's on the pasta, who's gonna give a damn?

As you can see in the photo.. the "cheap" brand is $2.00 less than the "good" brand!!  Seriously?  Who in their right mind would choose the expensive stuff?  You know what's even cooler?  They have the price per pound in red on the left of the actual price.  The "cheap" stuff is only $8.98 per pound while the "good" stuff is $12.98 per pound.

It's these little changes.  If you really want to make a difference in your wallet and savings account, get in the habit of making the little changes and you'll see a difference.

Happy shopping!

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